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Anonymous: Aw thank you,that's very kind of you =D I was a bit nervous to message you and I forgot to say that you have such an incredible taste in everything!Here are the cities that I will visit: Rome,Assis,Cortona,Arezzo,Siena,Castellina,Gaiole,Radda,Panzano,San Gimignano,Siena,Montalcino,Montepulciano,Pisa,Lucca,Florence and Venice.I'm will be doind the standard sightseeing,but the tips of a local would be great.

no problem at all! and thank you very much <33

sounds like quite a vacation, I’m sure you’ll have a blast! now, the thing is that I’m from none of those cities, and although I’ve seen a fair amount of places in tuscany, and I’ve been multiple times to both rome and venice, I don’t exactly know which tips to give you specifically for each city and which cool places you should visit, but I can give you some tips in general! 

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